MTNU is a regional business development company for Midt-Telemark and Nome municipality. The ownership of the company is divided between the municipalities and businesses in the region.

Our work

Our work involves guidance and expertise so that we can help you realize your dream with the idea of a new business, or to further help your already established business grow.

Through co-organization through the community Business Development Company, and wide cooperation with the other established offices around, we have access to a good, wide and quality-assured knowledge in the creation of business, business operations, project activities and funding.

Our purpose

MTNU want to contribute to a diverse and broad business, by counseling and motivating companies in the region to further development and growth. Midt-Telemark and Nome has a versatile and good range of businesses. This will contribute to a healthy and good natured communication with the business community out there, while having the ability to contribute and encourage good collaboration between several companies.

If your company is facing several options to secure further development, changes in business conditions, customer demand for new premises, other challenges, or if you would like some help realizing your ideas further, you are more than welcome to contact us.


MTNU is located at Hellandtunet in Bø, Kyrkjevegen 6.

Kommende arrangementer:

Midt-Telemark og Nome Utvikling AS

Besøksadresse: Hellandtunet forsknings- og næringssenter, Kyrkjevegen 6, 3800 Bø i Telemark
Postadresse: Pb. 4, 3833 Bø i Telemark
E-post: post@mtnu.no
Org.nr.: 986 425 535 MVA